About Joseph Governara

Joseph Governara is a professional in the addiction and mental health field where his interests lie in mitigating the current heroin/opioid epidemic currently taking place in New Jersey and all over our nation. He is an advocate for quality treatment facilities for drug and alcohol abuse, as well as helping those who are addicted find the appropriate level of care to treat their addiction and/or co-occurring disorder. He has worked with seasoned clinicians and psychoanalysts to help create clinically sound treatment programs combined with spirituality and 12 step principles where his extensive experience and insight in the latter was key to meshing the two.

Previously, Joseph Governara worked in securities early in his career. He worked at Wachovia Securities where he was quickly named Vice President of Institutional Sales, helping the company build new relationships with banking leadership. He also worked for Edge Trade, Inc. where he was also the Vice President of Institutional Sales. He generated more than $400,000 in revenue in his second year at the company where he sold algorithmic trading strategies and other products. Later in his career, he started his own full-services debt restructuring company. Joseph Governara graduated from the University of Florida in 2001, and he earned his degree in Advertising.

This website will focus primarily on issues related to addiction and recovery and current issues involving these and related issues. In addition to that, it might go into subjects related to securities and other interests and areas of expertise Joseph Governara has. Thank you for visiting the site, and we hope you take something from the content that you can use in your day-to-day life.